Achieve a healthy weight

You already know that dieting doesn't work. The kilos might come off, but they go back on again when the novelty wears off. The classic yo-yo effect. The problem is, the more yo-yoing you do and the older you get, the harder it is to budge those extra kilos the next time you go on a diet.

How hypnosis helps

My aim is to get you to a point where food is no longer an issue in your life. Because when you change your relationship to food, you begin to choose food that is good for you rather than using it as a comfort. Of course, the bottom line is always the quality of the food you eat, and although sugar addiction is a huge issue these days, you can let it go with hypnotherapy. Think how liberating it is to be able to say NO to that cake or chocolate, all because you choose to do so.

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