Create a new future when you release past trauma

Peace and calm

Being a human being means living in an environment that is not always kind and caring. We all experience upsets and even trauma at some stage of our lives.

Trauma doesn't have to be confined to a life-threatening incident; it can come about as a result of accumulated, less dramatic incidents that have built up over time. For example, living with an over-bearing parent, being bullied at school, working in a high-stress job, living in a dysfunctional marriage. Over time, a series of small crises can build up to an intense crash or dramatic reactions that don't seem to make sense.

Your body records and remembers trauma. Until you resolve the cause of trauma, your body will continue to send messages of danger and alarm in an attempt to protect you. That's its job and also the job of your unconscious mind. Trauma puts you in a pepertual state of flight, fight or freeze, making you sick and permanently anxious.

But, there is hope. I can help you to gain a new perspective on the trauma and turn it into just a memory that no longer has a hold over you.

How hypnosis helps

When you are in a state of hypnosis, trauma therapy works by resolving past known and unknown traumas and informing the body that it is safe, and that the danger has passed.

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