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Once upon a time, you learned how to smoke. And you were so good at it, that it became a habit. But, you can unlearn it. And it's quicker than you think. For most people, one session is all it takes. How does it work? By the time you see me, you have already made up your mind that it's time to quit. As I take you through the pleasant process of hypnosis, you and I will communicate with your subconscious mind, letting it know that you are done with the habit and are ready to be a breather. Your resolve, commitment and intention will ensure your success.

After the session, every day without a cigarette is a day when you feel better and better. Your breathing is relaxed and calm. The air you breathe is so crisp and clean. Your heartbeat is steady. That old habit is a distant memory - almost as if you've never smoked.